Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall Schedule of Events - Oct 5th 1st meeting

Tis time for fall -- fall into health.  We've taken the summer off for vacations and fun.  Now back to focus -- still fun!  
Our meetings will be the first Sunday of each month beginning Oct 5th at 2pm.  This first will be a get acquainted as we have several new(er) folks as well as WOD and presentation on the biofeedback model that we use.  
Upcoming get togethers will include a talk on 
  • Hormones for both men and women as we age with Anna Garret (our resident pharmD) 
  • Paleo cooking session with Jane Hartsfield (our resident gourmet).  
If you have ideas for future presentations or want to present something yourself please let me know and we'll get it scheduled.  

Hope to see you Oct 5th at the gym.   Mature friends and family interested in health are welcome!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Small get together today.  Many folks out of town or otherwise engaged on this beautiful spring day.  We did a "block" workout again with DB Push Press, Waiter Squats, DB High Pulls, and DB Thrusters.  Carried our DBs with fat grips --Taxed our flexors very well.
Intimate chat regarding the biofeedback - the attendees were well-versed so shared "war stories" and how it's working for each individual.
Also we decided instead of changing the meet times we'll forgo our get togethers for the summer months when many are on vacations --So next meeting will be 2pm Sept 7th.  See you then!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Fling!

Our first get together of the spring season is May 4th @ 2pm at the gym.  We'll hopefully be outside with a movement appropriate to all.  You know you can always work as easy or as hard as you like, the real benefit is being together, building our community.
 I think we'll talk this time about Factors Affecting Adaptation - - this will blend nicely with learning about the Biofeedback Model -- I'll be able to answer any questions you've had about training with this strategy (unless you are able to stump me) and it's benefits over other training strategies.
As always bring food as you like, water for sure, all your nagging questions, friends, ideas for future get togethers, and suggestions about best meeting times with the spring/summer season here.
See you then!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

I'm delayed in posting review of our last assemblage on March 1.  Grateful for a spring-like day, we participated in the cross-fit open, ForeverFit-style by modifying 14.1 open WOD.  Everyone did a 10  minute AMRAP of Slammers and Box Step Ups.  Got some good sweat on for sure.

Our discussion centered around "when to come to the gym" or when not to.

  • Illness involving fever, vomiting, or intense joint achiness (that differs from usual) are really the only reasons not to come move.  Otherwise when you feel a bug or are recovering from one, come in, warm up, move.  Ask the coach to help you avoid getting overly hot/stimulated but definitely do strength training.  Good stimulant for your immune system to help you fight off the bug that ails you. 
  • Soreness vs pain:  We talked about the difference in insult, irritation, and injury/pain 
    • How proper movements, good sleep, food work toward recovery from each.  Again, the coach on duty can help you adjust in these situations.  Come in, warm up:  if improved or same, keep going.  If worsens talk to Corey or me.  
    • How "resting" hinders recovery
CFA is having a HUGE party 
March 29th from 1130 ish till 2 ish 
in celebration of 5 years of community

Food available, bring friends/family, workout or not, visit and build more community ties. There will be a big bouncy obstacle course if you're interested in playing.
Because of this celebration we'll have our NEXT FOREVERFIT get together May 3rd --
Be thinking about whether we want to change the time of day or day of week for the spring/summer months.  I'm open to whatever.

Hope to see you on the 29th!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Next Get Together THIS weekend

Sunday, March 2 - Yup it snuck up on us.  Ha.  I'm excited about this get together - we'll be talking about "What does it mean when I'm sore/hurt?  Should I come to the gym/workout?"  Also have a fun WOD planned.  Bring your thoughts and smiling faces.  Any other ideas welcomed!  See you at 2pm Sunday.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Another great time at ForeverFit group meeting yesterday --Yes! Superbowl Sunday.  We were all well on our way home before the game began.
Did a nice WOD in the beautiful weather.  Was fun to get outside without turning purple.  And then discussed "What is Health"  from the World Health Organization definition down to our individual ideas of what it is for each of us.  
Everyone enjoyed the WOD so we'll continue to be active in some manner at each gathering.  Hope you can join in for the next one on Sunday March 2nd at 2pm at CFA.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday = ForeverFitAsheville Sunday

Or is that versus?  Just realized our usual meet day is SuperBowl Sunday.  Hope you'll come anyway.  We'll keep it to an hour -- so come on.